Plan your “I Do” day while Quarantining 👰

Hey there ladies! 💃 While everybody else is sighing about the quarantine laziness why not plan a little something for your “I do” day?
  1. Here are 08 tasks you can complete while quarantining
  2. Work on your guest lists – Decisions – decisions!
  3. Give notice if you are planning to postpone (Be a little creative, maybe a video clip)
  4. Collect guest addresses
  5. Pick out your wedding flowers
  6. Stay positive! – Give a count-down for your still exciting day!
  7. Re-define your designs – Colours, themes, budget, and details
  8. Select attires – Not only the Bride’s attire is hard to select
  9. Think about the guest experience – plan a little fun?
Tag and share with your friends and Soon to be brides Be excited, Be safe 🌻💐❤ #AmalkaFlora




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